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Scrimmage is at 6pm Tuesday 12/3
by posted 12/02/2019

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by posted 11/28/2019

Scrimmage is on Dec 3rd at 7pm at IH Elementary. WEAR uniforms. Be there by 6:30. 

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All things basketball
by posted 11/28/2019

Hi basketball families,

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's an update on all things basketball. 

I'm excited to spend the winter with these boys.. they are a talented bunch. 

Practice- PLEASE let me know ASAP if your boys CAN'T make a practice. On Tuesday, we only had 4 players show up. If I knew it before hand, I would have canceled it. I work pretty aggressively on practice plans for each practice and I don't want that time and energy to be wasted. I understand there is some nasty colds going around, and by all means I want kids HEALTHY!

I will let you know IN ADVANCE if practice is canceled for any reason. ASSUME it's on unless you hear from one of the coaches.

Last week's scrimmage-  Game 1 we looked great, but the team was weak. Our mistakes didn't coast us. Game 2 we were tied (only 6 players) and got a little sloppy. A better team will always be able to capitalize on those mistakes. That's basketball! Some thoughts on our play:

1. We missed 16 layups. 16 layups. A couple of reasons for that were lacking strong fundamentals of how to run the floor properly. When we were on transition, we ran straight up the middle, instead of running wide. We need to work on solid fundamentals. Under pressure, tried to rely on athleticism versus strong basketball fundamentals. 

2. Defensive confusion. We specifically transitioned into a couple of different defenses based on makes and misses. This kind of change was confusing to some. We will need to simplify it moving forward until all players move automatically into place. Seconds count, especially on a press.

1-3-1 full court press. Our set up into this was slow and therefore we were getting beat up the sides quickly. We need to work on player positioning here. With a couple players out, it really limited our ability to properly sub for a specific position. 

2-3 defense. We even had confusion there with sometimes having 2 kids on one side of the top of the zone and we were out of position, allowing for 3, 3 pointers. We stress the importance of communication on the court and this group is not yet big talkers, and we need a few leaders to help drive this. 

3. Lack of confidence in knowing the plays. Some players are not comfortable yet in running the offense. Mike and I made playbooks for the players for Tuesday's practice so they can get very familiar with the plays and understand the importance of running a disciplined style of basketball. We need your help in ensuring they understand the plays. Patience, proper picking and WAITING for the picks are critical factors in being successful on offense. We aren't solid on these core concepts yet. We will be.

4. Decision making. When there was confusion on offense, we pushed the ball and created unnecessary turnovers. Bad passes, driving into double coverage, and poor shot selection were all critical factors in our loss.  For shot selection, we chose low percentage shots and our players weren't ready for the shots, so we were out of position to rebound. Additionally, we would try to steal the ball near our basket instead of getting back to defend and because of that got beat on transition.

I'm only highlighting these specifics, so you can see what kinds of things we need to work on. These are basics and should be easy to adjust. This team has a lot of individual talent... ALOT however, individuals don't win basketball games. We need to gel more as a unified team and we will. Players need to talk more, trust the system and be able to adjust in game time. 

Games- our schedule is posted. Please use this link and use THIS LINK FOR ALL UPDATES AND DIRECTIONS Please let me know if your player won't be able to attend games ASAP. With only 8, especially around the holidays, we'll be tight. 




Our first game is Kilgore. we know this team well, and it should be one of our toughest games. We need these boys ready and focused! I'm trying to schedule a scrimmage and or an additional practice. 

Scrimmage- We are trying to solidify a scrimmage next week with Loveland. We tentatively said Dec 3rd during our practice, I'm confirming this. MORE TO COME.

Additional practice- depending on the scrimmage, we might do another practice to isolate the boys and walk through plays etc. We'll let you know if and when this happens.

Tournament- I signed us up for a Holiday tourney at Courts 4 Sports. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN PLAY.

Holiday Classic Tournament

December 18-21, 2019 Each team is guaranteed three games. Trophies and medals will be awarded to first place teams. Gate fee for all spectators.

Here's to a strong season ahead!


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