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The schedule has been released and is attached. We only have one game before the Holidays but it is against one of the teams we already played in Madeira, and I think we played well against them.  The other good news is that we only have two "away" games.  The rest are at the IH Middle School.  Please, also note, the quirk in our schedule...we play three games in three days from 1/17 to 1/19.  Please let me know if your daughter can not make it to a game.  

Also, there will be no practice on Monday, December 9.  That is the night of the Future Braves where we will attend the girls Varsity game at the IH High School.  I sent in the information of the players who RSVP'd.  If your daughter is attending, please have them meet me at the check-in at the High School Gym at 5:45.  We have pizza at 6 and the game starts at 7:30.  I expect the game to finish at 8:45 or so.  Please pick up your player at the High School or let me know if you have to pick her up earlier and I can walk them out to the parking lot.  

We have been having some good practices.  I wanted to let you know that we are stressing good passing, moving without the ball, setting picks/screens, and playing good defense.  Also, rather than teaching the girls set "plays" on offense, we are trying to teach them how to play with and without the ball.  It is taking some time, but I can see the girls getting the ideas and concepts understood. The two biggest things I am trying to get our team to understand is that it is ok to make a mistake, and to just keep on playing; and to not be afraid to take their shots.  Many of our players are afraid to shoot because they are convinced they are going to miss.  We have repeatedly told them that the ball will never go in, if you never shoot it.  As always, we are trying to make sure the girls are having fun, and I am always open to any ideas or suggestions you would like to make.  

Thanks,  Kip


GAME DAY & TIME                  OPPONENT                                                     LOCATION

12/15/212/15/19 – 1:00pm              Madeira Kellett                                             Indian Hill Middle School

01/04/21/4/20 – 12:00pm           Seven Hills Bachelder                                 Seven Hills Fieldhouse – Court 1

01/12/21/12/20 – 3:00pm              Kilgour Gannaway                                       Indian Hill Middle School

01/17/21/17/20 – 6:30pm              Sycamore Arnold                                         Indian Hill Middle School

01/18/21/18/20 – 4:00pm              Sycamore Amos                                           Greene Intermediate School – Back Gym

01/19/21/19/20 – 3:00pm              Milford Lewis                                                 Indian Hill Elementary School

01/26/21/26/20 – 4:00pm              MVCA Farmer                                               Indian Hill Middle School

02/02/22/2/20 – 2:00pm              Sycamore Bachman                                    Indian Hill Middle School

02/16/22/16/20 – 2:00pm              Indian Hill Johnson                                      Indian Hill Middle School

02/22/22/22/20 – 2:00pm              Milford Lewis                                                 Indian Hill Middle School

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